My Grandfather - Robert F. Benson - Chapter 1

It's been over 5yrs now since my Grandfather's passing. I was fortunate to be very close to him. I drove with him from Florida to Chicago twice, spent many weeks with him in Florida at his Condo, and even traveled to Europe with him. 

On our trip through Europe we flew into Dusseldorf, Germany and spent one night there. We then boarded a train for Luxembourg and spent two nights there. Our next stop was Amsterdam. We showed up with no knowledge of the area and no hotel room. We were successful in finding a room and spent two days walking the streets. Our last stop was back in Dusseldorf where we got stuck due to an airline strike. 

Along the way, sitting across from Grandpa either on the train, at a cafe, or a bar, I had the good fortune to hear all about his life. We saw new things together and I got to also see the man my grandfather.

He died of cancer, and while in the hospital he recorded some memories of his life. Here's chapter 1. I hope you 



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