DIY Guitar Wall Hanger

Looking for an eye catching Guitar Display?

Since completing basement renovations we have pretty much decorated all the walls, but there was one left entirely blank. The wall is covered with a faux brick/stone veneer which was installed by the previous owner. We thought it looked cool and painted it white to give it a modern look. 

I have always wanted to hang my guitars/ukuleles on the wall. Being in the basement the exterior walls are the concrete foundation. Thus conventional attachment of the wall mounts available online wasn't going to be as easy. I needed a way to attach multiple hangers on an extremely uneven and difficult surface. I ended up with the idea of mounting a 2X6 to the wall with Tapcon concrete anchors. Once screwed to the wall I attached the guitar hangers to the 2X6.

A plain pine board screwed to the wall wasn't going to be very attractive. The board painted white would have just blended in. To make it stand out I mitered the corners and cut two dados along the board roughly a third of the way in from each edge.

Once I finished cutting with the table saw I got out a torch. Burning the wood brought out the grain and ended up looking really cool! (Also made me and the garage stink like a campfire.) 

Finally, added a white wash finish by applying multiple coats of paint and wiping between layers allowing a few minutes of dry time. 

Post Torching!
White Wash Application

Finished Product, Result!


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