Summer Update

Things have really been getting busy for me this summer. At work, I'm involved in multiple roadway improvements projects across northern Illinois that are all racing to the finish. Jake has been growing and learning so quickly. Time has been flying by and here are some pictures from the past few months:

Basement Updates (Flooring & Bathroom)

Shawn finishing up the flooring

Basement floor is a vinyl plank


Shower door installed bathroom almost complete

Ellen's 1st Birthday Party 

Sam Nash Jenny Ellen Kate Jacob


Daddy & J

Pizza w/ the Special's

Grandma Spesh

Grandpa Spesh (Father's Day)

Special Men

Jake & Uncle Matt & Uncle Jake

Uncle Matt (Twins!)

Uncle Jake!

Everyday pics from around the house 

Jumper (New Fav!)


Too Cool!

Burrito Pequeñito

Tummy Time 

Cooling Off

Wedding Attire

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Grandpa Spesh and Auntie Katie


  1. How does the basement look now? You guys are like rehab speed demons.


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