DIY Shelving Project

In one of the guest bedrooms in our basement there was unused space behind the doorway. A soffit for the return duct forced the door to be located away from the corner of the room. 

To fill this dead space Kate and I had the idea of a coat rack. Scouring Google, Pinterest, and The Family Handyman we found a design concept that looked doable and modified it to suit our taste.


  • 1"x6" for Shelf
  • 3" Crown Moulding
  • Cove Shoe Moulding (size to taste)
  • 2"x10" 
  • Coat Hooks


  • Mider Saw
  • Brad Nailer 
  • Wood Glue
  • Wood Putty
  • Caulk
  • Paint

Her's a Cross Section View, really simple construction

Putty to fill the nail holes.

After a few coats of paint.

More wood putty to fill the holes created when screwing the shelf to the wall. I installed blocking behind the drywall allowing for easy screw placement. Still stuck a few into the studs for good measure.

Final product with a few more coats of paint and the hooks, Result!

Had some scrap leftover, so I made another one:

The construction was very similar except that this shelf is freestanding. The crown mouldning had to be mitered. Wow, Tom Silva sure makes it look easy in his "How to Cut Crown Moulding" video. I was able to cut the right side in one shot, but the left; you would have thought I was blindfolded or at least had a few too many. With at least a foot of moulding leftover there was no way I could run out right? I only need one last piece 3" long. 

After 5 -6 cuts and my frustration skyrocketing I was down to my last piece. A nub that I was risking the loss of most of the fingers on my left hand for. Thankfully, I was able to salvage the last remaining sliver without any bloodshed.

Once completed I glued and nailed the crown moulding together. Held it in place and realized I had cut both returns too short. I borrowed one of the breathing techniques we'd been taught in Lamaze class took a deep breath and walked away. 

My work around was to cut the 2"x10" with a coping saw to match the profile of the crown moulding. This gave the appearance that the crown was cut to length to reach the wall. You can see the joint in the picture below:

More putty and 1 coat of primer.

Final coats of paint.

Finally the hooks!


  1. This post made me laugh out loud - especially the part where you borrowed breathing techniques from Lamaze - hilarious!

    Seriously though, the shelving looks AMAZING!

  2. jamey always says that cutting moulding is super tough. don't forget there is a carpenter in the family that can help! i know in lamaze you can't tap out, lol.


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