Kate & I went on a Baby-Moon a few weeks ago to Cedarburg, Wisconsin. My parents go every year for their anniversary and stay at the Washington House Inn. For our anniversary last year they gave us a gift card. It was going to expire in January and we wanted to use it before the weather turned too icy. 

The square building on the left is the inn.

We actually stayed in a separate building. The room was sweet, it had a large bed, jacuzzi tub, and fireplace.

For dinner that night we went to the Stilt House, was good!

Later that evening my sweet pregnant wife even let us wander a few blocks away to the Silver Creek Brewery. I had an IPA and she had a Blond Root Beer.

The brewery was in the basement of an old mill:

Kate's standing on the bridge over the Silver Creek, the mill is in the background.

This was on the way into the brewery, was some existing workings of the mill.

Further ways down looking upstream, mill in background.

View of dam just before the bridge that Kate was standing on.

Silver Creek Winery

Visited Kate's family that lives between Milwaukee and Cedarburg; got to see the new baby so cute!


  1. I had the best time with you in Cedarburg!!! <3

  2. Cedar burg looks really nice! I've never really heard of it, but now I'd like to take a trip there!
    Also, in your pic of the water at the entrance of the brewery through the mill, do you see the dace in the water made from the foam?!?! Creepy! Looks like a sad clown kinda?

  3. Whoa never noticed that creepy clown! Was a nice weekend getaway :)


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