Time Flies!

Trying to enjoy every bit of Lakeview before we leave!

A few weeks ago...

Kate's parents came into town to look at properties, here's some pics from the night before the search, taken at Joe's:

Shawn, Kate, & Jenny

Next day we went over to Matt & Kelly's:

The view from their rooftop in Bucktown

 About 2 week ago...

I went to my Aunt Diane's retirement party here's a picture of my Dad holding ChaCha and her Grandpa/my Uncle Mike:

That following Friday I drove down to Normal, IL to help my brother move his crap back to Chicago. Saw this along the way; thinking of you baby:

My cousin Mallory's boyfriend also goes to Illinois State, she was in town for his graduation. We meet up Friday night and went out to Maggie Miley's!

Last Week...

I was notified by my new favorite radio station in Chicago 101.1 WKQX that I had won tickets to see the Neon Trees. The show was at the Riv and it was my first time going there. The theater is blocks from my sister's work so she meet me after work. We both are a fans of the band and really enjoyed the show and the venue.

It's been cold and rainy in Chicago for a long time now, here's a pic I took from my truck during a concrete pour.

At least the local flora is enjoying the wet spring! 

This past Friday, we decided to hit up one of our fav's Ping Pong on Broadway. It was better than I remembered:

Last Saturday we had a couple's message in the morning; I'm still in pain from it. I think my masseur was teased in high school and is now getting his revenge one body at a time. After the message we grabbed lunch at Whole Foods, which is always good. Kate had her usual salad and i had Korean pork tacos with kimchi, cilantro, jalapenos, and cucumber slices.

That evening we had my parents over for what will likely be their last time seeing our condo. We had take and bake pizza from Homemade Pizza Co. and my Mom made oatmeal cookies; yummm!

Here's the view from our rooftop, that's Belmont Harbor.

That night we went to my coworker's house warming party a few blocks away. His roommate is from Italy and we thought it would be appropriate to show him how to shotgun a beer!

Sunday I went to Wrigley for a Cubs vs. Brewers game with some great friends! Cubs hit two home runs, I had two hot dogs and even a MaiTai.
The weather was beautiful!

Going to try and stay healthy to try and suck every last drop of fun out of the neighborhood before we leave; no regrets!


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