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Drums are really fun!

My parents have always been willing to invest in instruments to get their kids involved in music. Not sure that drums were the quietest option!

Back when I was in high school, they chose to give themselves a permanent migraine when they bought me a drum kit. I picked out a Tama Rockstar in black; a pretty basic kit. In retrospect I probably should have gone in a completely different direction but I was 16 and hard headed. I set it up in the basement and pounded away until I moved to college.

I took lessons after school for a couple years and really enjoyed playing. There's some coordination issues to work through in the beginning but after some practice playing with all four limbs is no big deal.

Since high school they've been sitting in their basement collecting dust along with countless other past hobbies. Living in a condo there just isn't room to set them up, nor enough sound insulation to keep the neighbors from excommunicating me.

Here' s what my drum kit looks like.


This past summer I went to a bar on the northwest side of the city with Eric, my best friend from grade school. It was called the Abby Pub, and is known for live music. Inside the bar area they have an awesome light fixture, pic below:

Here's another shot that I took:

I was inspired and started thinking about ways that I could make my own drum light fixture, here's a concept sketch that I came up with:

Just Recently

One of my favorite blogs/youtuber on the internet; Derek "Deek"  Diedricksen also posted a sweet DRUM LIGHT FIXTURE:


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