Living to the Fullest!

Cheers to beautiful weather; and company!

What's this 70 degree weather, love it!!! Dreams of summer fun, better make the most of these random heat waves.

Taking Advantage of Saturday

Out cruisin' the hood:

That looks interesting.

A tugboat in Belmont Harbor, right across the street from me.

My neighbors are creative!

This is where I sat and read my book, you can't see the never ending wind 
that repeatedly blew dust in my eyes FEH!

Dry Hop

After getting sick of reading I strolled over to Dry Hop to refill my growler.

Dry Hop had their windows wide open.

We Wash

Took Rowdy to get a bath before dinner, was surprised to see lil' brother pull up behind him.

Tiki Terrace

Had a Groupon for Tiki Terrace and went there for the Dinner Show

Kate's looking grand with her tropical cocktail and taro chips.

... and then the Show

Night Cap

Went to my parents house after the show for a night cap, 
surprised with fancy cocktails and dessert; Yum!


  1. Looks like an awesome weekend! And your parents make great cocktails. :)


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