Great Weekends Can Be A Gift

Friday Night

This past weekend was tons of fun! We started it off by seeing Amy Schumer at the Auditorium Theatre. Transportation was easy enough; bus to downtown and cab back. This sounded fine until we got downstairs and the bus was still 15 minutes away.

Thanks to Matt, I had previously downloaded the Uber app on my phone and we decided to give it a shot. 3 minutes later we were in a car headed to the show, we got there in a third of the time and paid half the price. I will be UberX-ing from now on!

The Auditorium Theatre was roomy and not overly crowded, we had plenty of legroom and the drinks weren't over priced. Amy was hilarious and we could not stop laughing.

Right when the show ended I hit up the Uber app from our seats. The car was waiting for us when we walked out #WINNING.

Saturday Night 

For my parent's Christmas gift this year we gave them a gift certificate to the best restaurant in their neighborhood called the Gale Street Inn. We went there on a double date and it was better than I remembered. 

One of my mom's coworker's husband is the manager there so when Kate and I walked in he let us pick whatever table we wanted; on the way out we heard there was a wait of over an hour.

The menu had been updated but the specialties remained. They're known for their ribs and I had no choice but to order the full slab and devour every morsel like a caveman!

After the show we walked two blocks down to the Gift Theatre and saw a show called "Thinner Than Water". The plot involved three estranged half-siblings that reunite upon their father’s illness. It was a serious drama with bits of comedy sprinkled in just enough to keep you from sobbing throughout the entire show. 

At one point the scene took place in a home with a leaky roof. An actor emerged with pots and start placing them throughout. Out of the blue the ceiling actually started raining water, I was totally impressed!


Kate let me sleep in and she got up early and did some chores. I was pleasantly woken up by her snuggling into bed at 9AM. We then went to the best breakfast spot in our area and it was early enough to walk right in and get a table. Ann Sathers is a Swedish restaurant chain originally opened in Andersonville; a predominately Swedish area of Chicago on the northeast side. They are known for their cinnamon roles and we've ordered them every time!

We closed the day with a home cooked meal, a bottle of wine, and the movie "American Hustle". 

A great weekend and true gift to spend my time with such great people!


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