Easter Weekend Was Fun!

Started off the weekend with a show at Joe's Bar on Weed St. The headliner was Love and Theft, but I actually liked the second act, Craig Campbell, better. He was the piano player for Luke Bryan but has moved on to follow his own path. At one point he used a piano as a bar and invited two audience members to come up on stage sit at the "bar" and drink moonshine; pretty cool!

Craig Campbell

Was shocked to hear Craig cover this song:

Craig Campbell

Love and Theft

Here's my favorite song by Love and Theft:

Love and Theft

Saturday Woot

Kate made plans for us to go to my cousin Allison and Daves' house on Saturday night for dinner, it was beuatiful outside so we decided to walk.

During the walk we went passed a french bakery and decided to pick up some bread for dinner. The place is on Belmont and called La Boulangerie:

We also grabbed some wine on the way at one of our favorite liquor stores directly across the street from their house:


When we got there I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Dave had been smoking ribs for the past 5hrs; they turned out fantastic!


He also filled me in on an awesome garage find, a Vespa Moped. He let me ride and I buzzed around the alley with a huge smile on my face!


Whoa, they really know how to put out an awesome spread, twice baked potatoes, asparagus, and spinach along with the ribs!

Sundays' Easters

On Sunday morning Kate felt like having a bagel, so we walked down the street for breaky.

App for Easter at the Auntie's

Made candied bacon for the first time to bring to my Aunt's house for Easter. Turned out perfect!

Breakfast with Fam

I've been lucky too enjoy a long standing tradition of an Easter breakfast with my parents and siblings. Hard boiled eggs with beets and horseradish, polish sausage, and potatoes. This year Mom made mimosas too!

Me and Bro

Ended the Day

At Aunt Diane's, I've gone there almost every Easter of my life and my extended family on my Dad's side is all there. I always have a great time with the Specials!

The Traditional Lamb Cake, we used to fight over the head and the butt. This year I just ate the ear!


  1. I just bought an old metal milk crate to attach to the Vespa! I'm gonna girly that thing up!!

  2. What a fun-filled weekend. I'm so jealous! Let me know when you want to babysit. ;)

    I have to agree that Al & Dave can really throw down AND that the liquor store over there is awesome!

  3. Also, your candied bacon was AWESOME!


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