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Boxy car designs grow in popularity; I'm partial to the Original!

Scion Xb Gen 1

What is that thing a toaster?

I remember seeing the Generation 1 Scion Xb which was first rolled out by Toyota in 2003. It was small, boxy, underpowered, and ill-equipped. But it was different and one of the flagship designs for the new Scion brand.

Scion Xb Gen 2

Generation two of the Xb was rolled out in 2007 with a complete overall. The second generation was upgraded with many features that rivaled its Toyota counterparts. Upgrades included a larger engine, increased standard features, and enlarged interior space. 

Post graduation and starting my career I was able to save enough money for a down payment and went car shopping. After test driving for months I settled on a gen 2 Xb myself. The low base price with appealing features and the Toyota reputation for reliability were some of the reasons for my decision. Toyota also offered a financing program for college grads that allowed me to acquire a car loan without my parents co-signature.

I've had the car since August 2008 and it'still going strong!

Subsequent Boxy Models

Since the Xb there have been many more boxy vehicles that have been introduced by a variety of automakers; here's a few that I think have been directly inspired by the Xb.

Kia - Soul

Nissan - Cube

Mini - Countryman

Fiat - 500L

Mercedes - GLK

Jeep - Renegade


  1. I like your little toaster oven. Good choice!


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