Night Moves - Bridge Demo Stage II

I've been working on the replacement of the Cumberland Ave bridge project for IDOT in Chicago. The bridge is being built in two halves so that traffic can still get over the highway. Last year stage one was completed. Traffic is now using the new bridge and we're ripping out the second half. After the bridge roadway is removed the beams have to be lifted off by a massive crane one by one. Traffic is completely shut down on the highway while the beams are in the air to keep everyone safe. Because of the traffic impact all this work as to be done overnight. So it's been the night shift for Mr. Special. 

Just completed removing the 1st set of beams over outbound I-90 here's what it looks like:

Here's a pic from up on top of the bridge, all of the existing precast concrete beams are removed.

Pic from the middle

After the beams are removed from their seat they are smashed to bits!


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