Everything is Awesome!!!

Dinner First

I went out to dinner with my mom last night to Houlihan's in Park Ridge, the food was really good and they had Happy Hour drink specials and 1/2 price apps, Saweeet!

Then the movie!

We then went to the historic Pickwick Theatre right across the street. It's a second run theater so our tickets were only $7 and the movie theater was empty!

We saw the LEGO Movie!

It was a great adventure of a construction worker LEGO character named Emmet, played by one of my favorite TV actors Chris Pratt who plays Andy on Parks & Rec.

Emmet lives in a world where no one is special and conformity is the way of life.

The world is run by the evil President Business, played by Will Ferrell. He's hell bent on stopping all creative LEGO building by super-gluing all the pieces together.

Emmet was accompanied by a cast of heroes. My favorite was Batman who was played by another one of the actors at the top of my list, Will Arnett.

A great movie with a message of inspiration, and of course the good guys won! 


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