I've been in many different places for St. Patrick's Day; I can say from experience that Chicago is one of the top places to be!

Long time tradition of dying the Chicago River GREEN; so cool:

I started the holiday by meeting one of my best buds Brad Y at a local Irish Pub near my house on Friday; Guinness was flowing!

So lucky to get to meet up with one of my best friends on Saturday. He just returned from serving the military overseas. Welcome back Jeffro!

Saturday we headed over to another Pub  where we meet up with friends and enjoyed some more Guinness along with some ridiculous cupcakes made by J's Fiance Vik. Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes: Guinness in the cake batter, Jameson in the chocolate ganache, and Bailey's in the frosting. 


Janet, BY, & Jeffro

BY, Me, Jeffro

Sunday with the Special Fam

Finished off the weekend with all the traditional Irish fixins at my parents place. We had a great showing, and I even got the chance to hang out with Cha Cha on her first Patty's!

Overall shot of the Shinanigans

Sis and Aunt K with Cha Cha


  1. Cha let me know she loves corned beef and cabbage. And when grandma rubs her face like that.... :/


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