Ceviche & Construction Always Mix

Mud, Diesel, Iron, and Ceviche on the Job

Another cold, muddy day on the jobsite. We have five crews working right now at the Cumberland Ave Bridge and its noisy, congested, and everybody needs answers right now!

Driving sheet piles for the temp earth retention at the South Abutment.

But, this is what we do. Day in, day out, rain or shine. So why not take the day with a smile and be proud of what's being accomplished.

Jason and the guys pouring some temp pavement.

All the guys onsite have worked together for years, each crew is tightly knit and can communicate mostly with hand signals or the occasional expletive. 

Driving production piles at the North Abutment, that's a diesel hammer.

As a special treat today, Marcelino's wife made two types of ceviche for the guys to share at lunch. He served them out of his tailgate and had all the fixins to make some bomb tostadas. It was my first time having ceviche and although I was probably spoiled by getting to try it homemade, I bet I would love it anytime; Delish! In case you're wondering ceviche is a mixture of raw seafood (today we had fish and shrimp), lime juice, onions, and cilantro.

Ceviche, hot sauce, tostadas, yummm!

Juan's amused by the big bite Marcelino just took!

Alberto's thinking about how much he like Ceviche; you can tell Anthony likes it too!


  1. It's such a treat to get a peak of your workday world! We've got to try this ceviche! I've got the best SIL!


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