The Mighty Miss!

Lunchtime Ride on the American Lady - Dubuque, IA 

Family wedding in Dubuque, IA this weekend. We had some time to spare while the ladies were getting their nails done. So Gramps. Jacob, and I went on a river cruise. Lunch was included, and there was a cash bar. We enjoyed seeing trains, bridges, birds, and history along the route. Jacob also got the opportunity to drive the boat from the Captain's seat and received a certificate and a tootsie roll. We enjoyed the two hour ride very much!

Hammer Update 2 - Wire Brush

Restored Hammer - 2" Wire Brush attached to my Cordless Drill

Hammer Handle Replacement

New Handle 
If I find a broken discarded hammer on the jobsite I like to put a new handle on it. This one has a new handle and I took some sand paper to it to take off some of the grime.

Ava's Baptism

Ava was baptized on 5/21/17 and all her family came to celebrate!

Ava's Godparents - Joe & Katie

License Plate Star Tutorial

Check out this sweet video tutorial for creating your very own license plate star.
You'll need 5 license plates, tin snips, a riveter, and a rill. What a unique way to display those plates you've been keeping in the garage for the past 20 years.

DIY Floral Letters for Ava's Nursery

DIY Floral Letters Project Tools & Materials:
Hot Glue GunPoster BoardExacto KnifeRuler / Straight EdgeArtificial Flowers Construction: After cutting the poster board and cutting the flower heads off the stem,  hot glue is applied to the back of the flower heads and affixed to the board. 

 Here's one of the letters completed. 

Finished Product.... Result!  Some nails right through the poster board secured the letters on the wall easily.

She's Here!

Just wanted to share some recent photos of my beautiful daughter. Love you Ava, we are so lucky to have you! - Dad